The Canadian Network for Digital Health Evaluation (CNDHE) builds national capacity to evaluate federal and provincial digital health investments. A core component of the CNDHE is a newly-launched knowledge translation network of academics, policy experts, patient groups, providers, learners, and industry. 

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Participants in the network have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in ground-up evaluations in your local area
  • Share connections and knowledge across jurisdictions to inform your own evaluation work
  • Improve understanding of implications of virtual care on health equity and familiarity with the tools to address them
  • Connect with mentors and early-career colleagues
  • Build linkages nationally in your field

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Canadian Network for Digital Health Evaluation

The CDHE is leading the development of the Canadian Network for Digital Health Evaluation (CNDHE), an initiative supported with Health Canada funding. The use of virtual care and digital health tools has rapidly accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic, catalyzing health system innovation and supporting care despite physical distancing. However, the evidence surrounding these digital health interventions on access, quality and equity of care is lacking. Additionally, there is no common strategy towards digital health evaluation across Canada.

Recognizing this gap, the CDHE, in collaboration with leading pan-Canadian Health Organizations (PCHOs) and the Centre for Wise Practices in Indigenous Health are creating and strengthening Canadian capacity in the field of digital health evaluation. Over the next two years, this initiative will build a national infrastructure to evaluate the substantial federal and provincial investments made in digital health through the development of a framework, toolkit, training sessions, research publications and other outputs. In addition, the CDHE will create a Canadian network of researchers, decision-makers, patients and other stakeholders to facilitate both integrated knowledge translation and mentorship to build capacity.

Partner Organizations

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Financial contribution from Health Canada | Avec le financement de Sante Canada