For a sense of the values that guide us in our clinical decision-making, WIHV suggests a number of resources that may be helpful:




The RE-AIM Framework

This framework comprises 5 steps to help translate research into practice:
(1) Reaching your target population, (2) Efficacy, (3) Adoption, (4) Implementation, and (5) Maintenance.

The RE-AIM Framework

The Quadruple Aim

This framework highlights 4 aims for optimizing health system performance: (1) Improving the patient experience of care, (2) Improving the health of populations, (3) Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare, and (4) Improving the work life of clinicians and staff.

Overview of the CDHE Standardized Approach

Guidelines for the evidence-informed evaluation approach that the CDHE uses for all projects. Addresses 4 key domains: (1) the technology, (2) the feasibility, (3) scale and spread, and (4) the impact.

Overview of CDHE Standardized Approach (.pdf)